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More than 20,000 children are diagnosed with diabetes every

year, a life-changing disease that requires 24/7 monitoring for

the rest of their lives. They must learn how to properly evaluate

every food they consume, symptom they experience and

physical activity they undertake, which can cause feelings of

isolation, difference and depression.

Children with diabetes and their families walk a tightrope to

keep blood glucose levels not too low and not too high. To do

this, they must inject insulin four or more times daily or use an

insulin pump; monitor blood glucose with finger sticks six to ten

times a day and throughout the night; treat severe headaches

and nausea; and seek emergency help for life-threatening

complications from diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association’s Camps are offered each

summer to nearly 6,000 youth with diabetes across the United

States. Camps are designed to facilitate a traditional summer

experience in a medically safe environment, providing

opportunities for children with diabetes to forge life-long

sustainable relationships, overcome feelings of isolation and

gain self-confidence.

Through the American Diabetes Association’s year-round efforts

to fundraise and secure financial support from individuals,

clubs, organizations, corporations and foundations, each

camper's fee is subsidized by at least 50 percent. The average

cost to send a child to camp is approximately $1,800/child.

Camp AZDA subsidizes all campers by lowering the total cost for

the week to $700.

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Managing camps across the country requires a significant investment. In addition to all the trappings of a traditional summer camp—food, fun and adventure—we also provide skilled

medical staff 24/7, insulin, test strips, glucose tabs, syringes, monitoring supplies and more. The support of our partners helps to fill the funding gap, provide financial aid to families in need,

and help children build the relationships, skills and confidence

they need to thrive with diabetes.

Your generous donation can help fund the American Diabetes Association's Camp AZDA.