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Betting on a Cure (BOAC) is a third party fundraising team focused on having fun, raising awareness of type 1 diabetes (T1D), and supporting the American Diabetes Association (ADA) whose work directly impacts people living with T1D and research to find a cure .

BOAC started (in 2012) with Lauren and Brian West bringing friends together to play poker to raise money to support and give back to the organization that impacted her life so greatly!

Lauren West was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 9. This was a difficult transition not only for her but for her family and friends as well. During this time Lauren’s parents helped check her blood sugars, they gave her insulin shots numerous times a day, and adjusted their family lifestyle to accommodate the needs of a child dealing with this disease. There are many day to day challenges that a T1D faces but thanks to the American Diabetes Associations (ADA) Camp AZDA it made all the difference in Lauren’s life. Camp AZDA helps children gain independence, grow confidence, and discover new skills to successfully live with diabetes. Lauren has attended Camp since her diagnosis, has made lifelong friendships with other diabetics and continues to volunteer her time at Camp AZDA each summer.

Lauren and her husband Brian wanted to find a way to give back to the organization that impacted her life so greatly. In 2012, they decided to host a poker party to raise money to donate to the ADA. With the help and support of great friends over the years they have grown Betting On A Cure to what it is today!

You may also have someone you know and love that lives with T1D and are looking for a way to support the T1D community. Our event will provide you with that opportunity. Please feel free to donate, sponsor, and/or attend Betting On A Cure 2018.

On behalf of all T1D’s, thank you from the bottom of our pancreases!


For 40 years the American Diabetes Association has provided a summer camp for children with diabetes. Each summer, Camp AZDA offers 200 children with diabetes an opportunity to share in a variety of experiences. They develop active lifestyle habits and learn about themselves and others. They have fun. But most importantly, they learn that they are not alone in dealing with diabetes and that it is manageable. This week-long annual program has benefited over 5,000 children with diabetes since its inception. Camp AZDA empowers children to develop independence and self-discipline in their approach to life with diabetes.